How Do You Want to Feel?

How Do You Want to Feel?

There’s less than four months of 2021 left. How far are you on your 2021 goals? It’s a meme that’s been floating around social media. And it’s true. The year has flown by. But while the sentiment may spur some into action, for others, it can make us feel inadequate as we look at our still-unchecked to-do list from 2021 … or even from 2020!

But what if we flipped the question: It’s four months until 2022. How do you want to feel? Focus on feeling allows for expansive possibilities that are all within your control. Want to feel connected? Start a text chain with a neighbor or head to a community happy hour. Want to feel calm? Figure out the five or ten minutes every day you can give yourself for meditation, a quick breath of fresh air outside. Want to feel energized? What can you do to commit to filling your cup?

So put aside your “resolution” list. And start a feelings list. Share with us @lifetherapyofficial on Instagram how you want to feel this fall, and let’s commit to #CHOOSEYOURMOOD this season.

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