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"My friend absolutely loved this. She's a nurse and really needed this, was extremely grateful and she keep raving about the product. Thank you for creating this beautiful gift box!!"

Antoinette B.

Reviewing the Self Love Gift Box

"In the midst of grief after the loss of my 20 year old son, a friend gifted me with the lifetherapy grounded gift box. I have tried several products before and am not a stranger to self-care. This product, however, felt different. As I used the products I felt the sorrow melting. The combination of the purity of the products and the delicious scents created a much needed relaxing experience. Honestly, it felt so good that I ordered a gift box for my dear friend who recently completed her last round of chemo. I will continue to use these products as my go to gifts as well as for myself."


Reviewing the Mood Boost Gift Box

"I bought this for myself. I wanted to sample all of the different scents to see which were my favorite. They are all amazing. All of the scents are perfect and the lotion is great. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I highly recommend all of the scents."

Megan C.

Reviewing the Mini Collection Gift Set