About Choose Your Mood

It is our founder’s mantra that became Lifetherapy’s North Star: Choose Your Mood.

At Lifetherapy, we believe that when you recognize the power of choice, the phrase "Choose Your Mood" becomes a source of inspiration and expression of living your best life. We created the Choose Your Mood Marketplace as an editorialized extension of Lifetherapy for products that empower, have an immediate effect, capture the importance of expression, and that cause you to FEEL SOMETHING. 

We know that a candle, or a cozy sweatshirt, or bubble bath can’t change the world. But we also know that they can boost your mood. And sometimes, just a few minutes of taking care of yourself is what you need to show up for the rest of the day. 

The Choose Your Mood Marketplace encompasses curated products that foster an emotional connection to the power of choice and so many ways to express it.