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Best selling gift set by Lifetherapy. Made in America

Mini Collection Gift Set

$ 39.00

Unique, non-greasy formula intensively moisturizes dry hands.

Grounded Moisturizing Handcreme

$ 24.00

The best moisturizing hand cream by Lifetherapy

Energized Moisturizing Handcreme

$ 24.00

Perfect on-the-go moisturizer | choose your mood by Lifetherapy

Loved Moisturizing Handcreme

$ 24.00

Moisture rich handcreme by Lifetherapy

Inspired Moisturizing Handcreme

$ 24.00

The best moisturizing handcreme | made in America

Transformed Moisturizing Handcreme

$ 24.00

Grounded lightweight hydrating body lotion | made in USA

Grounded Hydrating Body Lotion

$ 28.00

Long lasting moisturizing body lotion in Energized

Energized Hydrating Body Lotion

$ 28.00

Loved healing moisture body lotion. Paraben-free, Cruelty-free

Loved Hydrating Body Lotion

$ 28.00

Paraben free lightweight hydrating body lotion

Inspired Hydrating Body Lotion

$ 28.00

The best hydrating body lotion by Lifetherapy

Transformed Hydrating Body Lotion

$ 28.00

Heliotrope, rose and vanilla body wash and bubbling bath

Grounded Body Wash & Bubbling Bath

$ 28.00