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Fragrance Notes

Fragrance + Mood


Jasmine Jasmine - Impacts mood and promotes healing. Acts as an antidepressant and enhances spiritual connection.
Red Orange
Red Orange - Energizing and revitalizing. Refreshes the mind and clears the senses.
Marsh Grass
Marsh Grass - Fresh cut greens evokes feelings of happiness and relaxes the mind.
Peach Skin
Peach Skin - Brings us back to the sweetness of youth and nature.



Fresh Citrus Fresh Citrus - Energizing and revitalizing. It refreshes the mind and clears the senses.
Heliotrope - This comforting flower creates balance and openness.
Dry Amber
Dry Amber - Has calming effects and is able to combat stress and anxiety.
Calming Rose
Calming Rose - Uplifts mood, soothes anxiety and feelings of depression. Creates a sense of harmony.
Vanilla - Rich, sensuous and tranquil.



Gardenia Gardenia - Strengthening, stimulating and uplifting.
Pineapple Leaf
Pineapple Leaf - Softening, nurturing and healing.
Musk Ambrette Seeds
Sensuous Musk - Meditative, relaxing, inspires imagination.
Palm Bark
Palm Bark - Warming, restoring and healing.



Bergamot Bergamot - Calms emotions, soothes, clarifies and cleanses
Water Flowers
Water Flowers - Refreshes and awakens.
Coconut - Balances, Improves energy and clears the mind.
Muguet - Inspires openness, acceptance, and sensuousness
Rose - Relaxes, warms, and romances.



Polynesian Coconut Polynesian Coconut - Balances, Improves energy and clears the mind.
White Orchid
White Orchid - Stimulates, calms and clears.
Warm Sugar - Relaxes with a childlike essence.
Sandalwood - Creates mental clarity and relaxation. Stimulates spiritual awakening and boosts in memory.