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About Lifetherapy

The fundamental belief of Lifetherapy is that intentional self-nurturing has the power to ignite positivity within us. When we change our mood, we change our perspective … and the way we show up in our lives. We know that a candle, or a cozy sweatshirt, or bubble bath can’t change the world. But we also know that they can boost your mood. And sometimes, just a few minutes of taking care of yourself is what you need to show up for the rest of the day.

When you fill your cup, you have the availability to give to others and bring positivity to the world. At Lifetherapy, one-of-a-kind scents, meaningful mantras and highly effective ingredients merge the mind and body for wellness that inspires all day long.Β 

CEO & Founder | Lynette Lovelace

Lynette Lovelace
An accomplished product developer and gifted retail strategist, Lynette epitomizes a modern Renaissance woman who bring passion to all her projects. As a restaurateur and boutique owner in the Chicago area, Lynette created curated, customized experiences for guests β€” and recognized that small touches add up to loyalty, love, and a strong brand backbone. A decade ago, when her child faced a health challenge, Lynette found herself at a career crossroads. She knew firsthand that it was the tiny moments she took for herself during a crisis that made the difference in her mood β€” and her mindset.

Using aromachology as an anchor, Lynette created a line of luxury bath and body products that allows the potential of the user to be unleashed. In the ensuing years, Lynette expanded Lifetherapy to include a curated boutique of mood-boosting gifts, loungewear, and everyday accessories designed to delight and inspire. Today, Lifetherapy has become a go-to indie brand beloved by customers for combining mind, body, and soul into one experience.Β 

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