Airbnb host? Boutique Hotel Owner?

Elevate your shower situation to give guests the best experience away from home.


Lifetherapy is pleased to offer amenity products discounted in bulk to our partners in hospitality.

Looking to offer your guests the simple pleasures of travel - with a focus on relaxation, convenience, and attentiveness - on property? Lifetherapy delivers with a positive mood-inducing sink side experience. As an amenity, Lifetherapy transcends whatโ€™s in the bottle and imparts a feeling and energy for your guests that can only be achieved through aromachology.

Lifetherapy offers:

  • A wide-ranging selection of scents to singularly match the vibe of your space, or to offer choices to guests based on personal preference


  • 5 products for an end-to-end bathing experience: Shower Gel / Bubble Bath, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Handcrรฉme


  • Complementary products - candles, scent diffusers, drinkware - to infuse positivity throughout your entire property.


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