Transform your AM With This Summer Ritual

Transform your AM With This Summer Ritual

Late summer evenings can sometimes lead to sleepy summer mornings. But this month, all of us at team Lifetherapy are trying to reset our clocks and see what happens if we take some time for us in the AM.

All month, we’re going to try to wake up early, not look at our phones, and savor the silence. We encourage you to join us and share what you’ve learned @lifetherapyofficial on Instagram.

Here, some ways to do it:

  1. Freewrite. “Morning pages” are a prompt made famous in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, where she advocates writing three handwritten journal pages every AM. But you don’t need to follow any template. Write what you feel.
  2. Send goodwill. Light a candle and think about the people in your community you’re pulling for.
  3. Draw. Not Picasso? Who cares! Take some pens and markers and draw something abstract that nobody will see — just for fun.
  4. Listen. Create a morning playlist and listen to tunes that will amp you up or let you chill out.
  5. Light a candle. Lighting a candle can be a powerful ritual that subconsciously gives you permission to “go into your zone” and dig deep.


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