Celebrating Gratitude

Celebrating Gratitude


We’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. Sure, it’s the season. Thanksgiving is coming up and #gratitude hashtags are filling social media posts. We recently held a gratitude sale thanking you for your support during the past year. And here at our Chicago HQ, we partnered with HeyMama, a networking organization, to create a pop-up gifting event at the house of our founder, Lynette Lovelace.

And what struck our entire team during the event was how grateful we are for the people who surround us. This includes our team, our customers, our neighbors, and even the people we “see” on social media. In the past year, when social distancing became a dominant phrase, we’ve been able to make connections. And for that, we’re grateful.

As the days get shorter, we’re focusing on the people near and far in our circle who help us become the best version of who we want to be. And we invite you to do the same. One thing we’re focused on: The Ho’oponopono prayer, a Hawaiian healing prayer now adopted throughout meditation practices. I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. Try saying this in your head as you think of the people you have loved (or the people you have lost) in your life. Try in the morning and in the evening and feel gratitude wash over you.

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