How to Calm the Chaos

How to Calm the Chaos


Problems and the word ubiquitous are often used in the same sentence. If you are breathing, you know this is true.

A few weeks ago, the office faced some computer issues. It made for some not so nice moods. Tensions and agitated nerves were thick as thieves. You know what I’m talking about. Of course, you do.

Note to Self: Relax

These are the circumstances in which my simple motto can be helpful: Note to Self: Relax.

Now, I do know that when your brain feels threatened, the stress response is triggered. At that point, you end up with an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, shallow breathing and tense muscles. All very human and all very normal.



Be Intentional

So, what’s a stressed girl to do? Well, first it’s about intentionally orienting yourself to real versus perceived threats. Our brains can’t really distinguish between being chased by a bear (real) and having unbearable login issues (perceived). Therefore, it’s all processed as a real threat with the following panic.

You are the one who has to direct the process and interrupt that response. Taking deep breaths is a quick and good way to do that. Another way is to focus on the thoughts you are entertaining.

Choose Your Thoughts Wisely

You have the power to quiet the stress response with empowered thoughts and words. Thoughts like this too shall pass and worrying won’t change much can help you shift your thoughts and find alternatives to freaking out… as much fun as that is! And if you need to talk to yourself out loud, go for it. The smartest people talk to themselves the most. I say we all master genius!

Also, learn to walk away from toxic thoughts and people, let stuff go and reaffirm life with positive thoughts. It sounds simple, because it is. But, it’s not easy, which is why you have me, Ms. Chill!

What To Do When Stress Comes

So, when stress comes, and it will come, remember that Ms. Chill will stand with you in the trenches and help you find the calm in the chaos. You don’t have to have all the answers all the time. It's okay to let things go. If none of that works, then we’ll grab a bottle (or case!) of wine and make an evening of it. Sound good?  So, glad you came to visit me today.

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~ Ms. Chill

P.S choose your MOOD



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