Choices, Choices... What a Joke

Choices, Choices... What a Joke


The weekend is finally here.  Can you hear the collective office singing Alleluia? It’s been a very full week. And honestly, the office mood was a little less than positive yesterday. We were challenged with some computer issues and decisions about what is next.  And well, we just didn’t like it.


It was kind of like those wretched questions people ask you when they’re trying to entertain themselves and get to know the real you. We’re talking about questions like,  “Would you rather lose your hearing or your eyesight?”  What? NEITHER!  Or asking any mom, “If you could only rescue one child, which child would you rescue?” Again, utter nonsense!   

We felt a little frustrated about the choice we had to make. Technology is a beautiful thing until it’s not.  What we wanted was a little of this and a little of that… in one reasonably priced computer system.  Was that really too much to ask?

April Fools?!

Then we realized it was April Fools Day.  Were the technology fairies conspiring against us?  Any minute would our magical solution appear with shouts of April Fools? … yeah, it didn’t happen.

We know you understand this.  Life is just like that at times.  In that moment, however, we decided that sometimes life just shouldn’t force you to choose which good things you can have. Sometimes you should have both.

Fighting Back

In an effort to fight against the no-joke April Fools from our not-so-friendly technology fairies, we decided to make it a no-joke reality for all our Lifetherapy partners.  We are granting TWO good choices for the price of ONE.  We took our two best body washes and offered them at 50% off.  

Will that solve our computer situation? No, but something about helping others did seem to soften our mood.  Please enjoy your weekend!

p.s. choose your MOOD



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