The Lifetherapy Lifestyle

The Lifetherapy Lifestyle

In 2009, Lynette Lovelace created Lifetherapy: thoughtful body care founded on the belief that the transformative power of fragrance layered with self-care creates a positive frame of mind. Today, Lifetherapy truly is a lifestyle, a conscious choice to surround yourself in every way with gentle reminders of positivity. Eleven years since our inception, Lifetherapy’s mission remains the same but extends beyond beauty to encompass home and wardrobe gifts + accessories that do what they say and say what they believe: choose your mood. It’s as important now as ever. 

Our beliefs are the ‘reasons why’ we do what we do. They are the truths upon which we are built.

 We believe...

...there is no digital substitute for a live experience

...our frame of mind layered with a bit of self-nurturing creates positivity for ourselves and those around us the power of product beyond its primary purpose

So you receive...

...a permission to disconnect and be present

...products that care equally for the body and mind  

... simple and beautiful reminders to choose your mood and bring you back to center


Read: You already know it: Seven Minutes in the Morning is our weekly drop in your inbox.  Part thought-provoking, part practice, Seven Minutes is relatable + relevant content.  

Shop: Our formulas harness the power of scent, delivered through extraordinary ingredients to care equally for the body and mind. Beyond body care, Lifetherapy curates of inspiring finds and gifts that impart positivity for ourselves and those around us, including new tee shirts available on June 15th, with expressions such as wake up & shine and be your own kind of beautiful. (Take sneak peek here)

Learn: We exist to help women realize their full potential through positive mantras reinforced by the science of scent. Take our updated quiz to learn more about fragrance, mood, and your personal preferences. 

Connect: We respond to emails, we pick up the phone, we’re active on social. It’s our way of staying closely connected to our community and spread positivity. Reach out to us here:

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