The ‘Me’ + The ‘We’

The ‘Me’ + The ‘We’

As weeks of self-isolation stretch into months, many people may find themselves losing track of time. “When will this be over?” is the question on everyone’s mind. But for today, try to reframe that impossible question by viewing your self-isolation differently. Because really, the person who is waiting for this to be over is missing a huge opportunity during this time: to work on the me and the we

Almost always—but especially during time of uncertainty—every individual has a responsibility to seek personal fulfillment, but also contribute to the whole. There’s me and there’s we. To frame self-isolation as a true opportunity, both need to be developed at the same time.  

Start with the me: each of us, as individuals, can use this time to pursue personal desires. For example, “on paper” you might be a stay-at-home mom, a business executive or even unemployed. But what are the other titles you hold, even if only known to you? How can you develop them to reinforce who you are in the world? 

Are you an animal lover? Perhaps use this time to make your beauty arsenal vegan through and through. 

Travel enthusiast? Consider finding escapism through new avenues: a subscription to National Geographic, or getting lost in a virtual reef cam.

Dessert aficionado? Try your hand at that goal recipe that always eluded you because of the difficulty level

Explore these other parts of you and develop them, make them as true a part of you as anything else you refer to yourself as. Write them down. Return to the list often. Learn, grow. 

Now, move on to the we: this is also a perfect time to contribute to the whole, a collective higher good. We could be your nuclear family, your community, or the world at large. In our hyper-connected digital reality, we know that goodwill can be limitless: you can volunteer, support causes, or post original writing to LinkedIn or Any force of good that begins within yourself and benefitting others supports the we

So this week, spend 7 minutes thinking about both categories: the me and the we. How will you develop each to have a deeper understanding of yourself and a broader sense of contribution to the whole? 

Focus not on the (unknown) return to normal, but rather, on the now. Capture your growth on social using #themeandthewe, tag us @lifetherapyofficial, and we’ll repost on Stories everything that’s generated. 



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