Some Thoughts About #Goals

Some Thoughts About #Goals

“The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them.”– Michelle Obama

Goal sharing is everywhere these days: blog posts on medium, photos on instagram, an abundance of hashtags everywhere else. #Goals are a common-ground goldmine: #CoupleGoals #LifeGoals #WorkGoals #OrganizationGoals …sometimes it feels like our goals are made with each other in mind. This isn’t just a digital matter either: Writing in journals like The Happiness Planner and The High Achiever’s Handbook make sure we’re on track to achieve our goals no matter if they are of a personal or professional nature. They’re on trend and there to help us do the damn thing we seek to achieve. 

When goals are new, like the freshness of the first page of a planner or a resonant motivational quote on social, enthusiasm comes easy. But when the excitement dies down, the real growth begins.

At its core, Seven Minutes in the Morning seeks to remind you that – no matter the goal – we get a little bit close to it every moment we give meaning to the ordinary, day-to-day doings of life. So this week we ask you to focus on the journey, not the destination. What are the small steps you’re taking to achieve something bigger, perhaps something much bigger than yourself even. 

Through this lens, goals are not some far-off end with one straight line to get there. They’re the thoughts, micro-exchanges, forward movements and inevitable setbacks that occur all the time. Don’t allow the inherent loftiness of a goal allow it to intimidate you into becoming stagnant, or worse, take for granted the growth that occurs in the journey to get there. 



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