Fragrance and Feeling: Loved

Fragrance and Feeling: Loved

The definition of love can sometimes feel so specific. If we have a partner, a family, and a few friends, we seemingly have love all wrapped up…and eagerly share evidence of it on social media. But we can easily lose those loves: children grow up, spouses leave, relationships end. So how do we make sure the way we define love isn’t dependent on others?

Self-love, of course. 

The New York Times Styles Section recently ran a piece on how the passé term self-help birthed today’s top-trending term self-care. “If self-help is about fixing something,” Kate Carraway writes, “self-care thinks you’re already great.”

At Lifetherapy, we have an expanded version of that comparison: If self-help has you lying on a therapist's couch, and self-care has you lying in a bubble bath, self-love has you doing a bit of both: being thoughtful and reflective while also doing something relaxing. In other words: self-love extends a great big hug around both sentiments. It should – in our opinion – be the next big buzzword. 

Self-love is knowing that you’re a work in progress but simultaneously knowing you’re doing okay because you’re doing the best you can. Self-love helps us set boundaries, admit when we’re wrong, control envy and remain teachable to life’s lessons. It’s saying, “I love myself more” than any one external factor.

Our Seven Minutes in the Morning ask this week is to look at the self-help/self-care/self-love continuum and apply it to your life. Where do your relationships, habits, actions, thoughts and feelings fall?

Lifetherapy’s Loved mantra reads:

I live in unconditional love for myself and others. I accept myself completely as I am. I am worthy of all things beautiful.

That second line has special meaning: I accept myself completely as I am. Because in order to ensure love remains within us even as our circumstances change, is self-love. Because inner the source that can accept what is, is love. And that conscious choice to accept ourselves is the truest expression of pure love.



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