Moving to Monthly

Moving to Monthly

This summer, Seven Minutes turned 1! And what a year it’s been: We’ve seen so many changes in nearly every dimension: economic, medical, societal environmental. We’ve given to worthy causes, set goals, found meaning and took the time to breathe. One year after the first Seven Minutes went out, our readership has grown in both numbers and geographical reach.  We remain humbled to be a small piece of what you open from your inbox.

And as we look ahead and plan what is within reach for Seven Minutes to do next, we’re exploring how we can make each email more lasting, more meaningful. So along with content improvements, we’ve also decided to make Seven Minutes a monthly feature, delivered to you the first Monday of every month (always at 7am. CST)

Why the change? We liken it to the difference between a tv show and a movie, a blog post versus a long read, a snack versus a meal. All are great in the specific purposes they serve, the latter of each just offering a bit more to digest. So when the new Seven Minutes debuts next month, keep an eye out for content that is more in-depth, featuring ideas, interviews, practices and principles from preeminent through leaders in the space. Because our goal is to make Seven Minutes more rich for you, our reader: make it less frequent, but make it deeper. 

Additionally, starting next month, Seven Minutes content will appear across platforms and more interactive: That means IG & FB Live conversations, template downloads, AI-led exercises, innovative partnerships and cross-account content with some of our favorite brands and individuals. 

But most importantly, please know that no matter the length or frequency, the soul of Seven Minutes is embedded in everything we do. Every product that is formulated, every IG post that goes up, and every interview Lynette participates in. Community is our #1 and we will continue to engage with you in deep, meaningful, and increasingly reciprocal ways.

Until then, we’ll be here. As always, never hesitate to say hi.  We read each and every email that is sent to us. 



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