Causes to Care About

Causes to Care About

The global outpouring of support during this pandemic has been nothing short of amazing: Daily cheers for healthcare heroes, a surge in random acts of kindness, and the recognition of everyday employees – previously unrecognized – that bring new meaning to essential workers. 

But the people behind Giving Tuesday, an annual day of non-profit giving each Fall, is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic in the best way. Recently, the team at Giving Tuesday announced Giving Tuesday Now, a newly-created event, to occur on May 5th. On that day, Giving Tuesday Now will facilitate fundraising and support for participating nonprofits, a community that so often works behind the scenes during crises such as COVID-19.

Seven Minutes in the Morning recently discussed how crisis can yield innovation. Of all the ingenuity that we’ve seen as a result of Covid-19, Giving Tuesday Now stands out. Giving Tuesday Now checks all the good will boxes: By supporting Giving Tuesday Now, we can show connection and support for our communities and causes, even while practicing social distancing. And while the original Giving Tuesday was created to support nonprofits, Giving Tuesday Now includes any size or expression of grassroots generosity: helping a neighbor, advocating for an issue, or sharing a skill. 

Lifetherapy has a purpose beyond product, it is created to care equally for your mind and body. Giving Tuesday Now promotes a similar message: In all that we do, a higher good is served. Further, we have a strong opportunity here to exercise choice: in when, how, and who we help. 

For Seven Minutes this week, take the time to learn more about Giving Tuesday Now and commit to a personal plan–large or small—to participate. Set your calendars and, when the day comes, share your good deeds on social. Tag #LifetherapyCares to be included on our IG stories that day. 

Lifetherapy fans and followers are innately perfect for Giving Tuesday Now. We are purposeful, compassionate and kind. Giving Tuesday Now makes it easy for us to positively champion the acts, organizations, and causes we care about, and advocate for the importance of an altruistic society.  



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