You’re in Business

You’re in Business

It is said that “new products are born out of an idea or a need,” and the latter inspired us to create a product that the world needs more of right now: Hand sanitizer.  

On Thursday, we introduced Grounded Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, a household staple done the Lifetherapy way: 62% ethyl alcohol combined with the mood-inducing notes of Grounded (fresh citrus, heliotrope, dry amber, calming rose, vanilla), topped off with moisturizing properties to layer on that little bit of self-care.  




As with all of our products, much thoughtfulness goes into our formulas. During the creation of Grounded Hand Sanitizer, we spent a lot of time thinking about the message of Lifetherapy: what it is (luxurious experiences that care equally for your body and mind) and how we share it (though the senses). Hand sanitizer joins lotions, candles, and oils in our lineup, but creating hand sanitizer made us realize something: products may be Llifetherapy’s primary output, but we’re also in the business of producing positivity.  

At Lifetherapy, we know that what we say matters just as much as what we make. Similarly, an individual’s mood and mind produce outputs just like any business or brand. 

You don’t have to be a company to create something out of an idea or need. You can create magic to make your children happy. You can create gratitude, so your friends know they are appreciated. You can create kind gestures large and small for neighbors, non-profits, or complete strangers to feel cared for.  

So, when you have an idea—or see a need—a response to either is in and of itself something that you create. It can be a physical product, it can be a sentiment, it can be a smile. This week, spend Seven Minutes thinking about what you’re producing, and where the positivity can be found within it. *That* is really what the world needs right now.

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