Listen + Learn

Listen + Learn

Like many individuals and groups, the all-female team at Lifetherapy has been listening to and watching the cultural and societal events unfolding in our world. We’re taking a hard look at how we can support the ascendancy of marginalized races and effect real change. 

Seven Minutes in the Morning was suspended last week as we didn’t have organized words to express what we were seeing in the news, in our communities, and in our hearts. And while progress is still being made, and as we continue to learn ourselves, we did not want to wait to share what we believe are the best ways for you to spend your minutes this week.  

Got a few hours?...Listen to Come Through with Rebecca Carroll which delivers essential conversations about race in America. 

Got 18 minutes?....Check out Trevor Noah as he tells us why the contract between society and black Americans has been broken.

Only got enough time for a TikTok?.... No judgment. But be sure to watch Given Sharp’s perfectly-packaged analogy to help people better understand why saying "all lives matter" isn't helpful in response to someone saying "black lives matter." 

We are thankful for the thought leaders above – and countless others – who remind us that we are on a journey of living and learning, and that the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to listen to the world and remain teachable at every age and in every aspect. 



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