Introducing "Seven Minutes in the Morning”

Introducing "Seven Minutes in the Morning”

'Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most' - Buddha

To paraphrase our friend Oprah, what we know for sure is that what you focus on in the mornings sets the tone for your day.

It’s in that spirit that we introduce “Seven Minutes in the Morning,” our weekly newsletter, an expression of our fundamental belief that our frame of mind layered with a bit of self-nurturing creates positivity for ourselves and those around us. Delivered to your inbox every Monday, Seven Minutes in the Morning will be an indispensible way to start your day: A haven for positive affirmations. A power place to build desire and inspiration. A reminder that you are your own best friend, the love of your life. And a reminder that every day presents an opportunity for you to choose your mood.

We look forward to sharing what’s new and relevant in the world of wellbeing, and how to translate that in to your everyday. With each edition of Seven Minutes in the Morning, we’ll give you a thought starter to use one morning or every morning throughout the week.

Real beauty is created through the choices we make each day to live mindfully and intentionally, and Seven Minutes in the Morning will help you achieve that. This week, we’d like to share some insights from a recent event held by our friends at @OneandManyOfficial. Last week, we celebrated the launch of their workbook, “Know Your Worth,” and spoke at length about the idea of growth. Take the mantra below and keep it in focus this morning when you feel your mind drifting:

I Give Myself Space to Grow and Learn.

What does growth look like to you? What in your day will contribute to your growth? When do you know when growth has occurred within you?

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🖤- Lifetherapy

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