She’s Good to Know: Meet Lynette Lovelace

She’s Good to Know: Meet Lynette Lovelace

“Optimism is the most important human trait, because it allows us to evolve our ideas, to improve our situation, and to hope for a better tomorrow.”– Seth Godin

She’s Good to Know: Meet Lynette Lovelace 

Lynette Lovelace is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and friend to all that have met her.  She’s a visionary with big plans for her little beauty brand, Lifetherapy. Indeed, Lynette was a #girlboss before the advent of hashtags. 

All of Lynette’s life experiences lead up to Lifetherapy. As an accomplished restaurateur, luxury boutique owner, gifted retail strategist and product developer, is no stranger to choosing a positive outlook throughout her life. Having survived numerous personal health challenges and guiding her son and daughter through their own health crisis, Lynette has learned to take life as it comes, to pay it forward and above all, to live in the moment with optimism and gratitude.

A passion for living positively led Lynette to found Lifetherapy. She knew there was a direct correlation between scent and frame of mind. Intent on reaching women in a way that inspires them to feel nurtured and mindful with good-for-you ingredients she has carefully designed a brand that celebrates positivity through fragrance and inspirational mantras, encouraging women to live fully through a daily ritual of self-care. 

But really...Lynette created lifetherapy for you

to remind you to imagine your goals as nothing but attainable 

to help you manifest positivity in your life and in the lives of others

to call your attention to the fact that our days - and our lives - are just moments on top of moments - always building, always opportunistic, always changing, never permanent. 

Lynette’s vision of helping others create a few moments every day to celebrate their personal strengths comes through in each luxurious Lifetherapy product. She has, quite literally, poured her heart and soul into the products, and now onto here, with Seven Minutes in the Morning. We can’t wait to share her repeated doses of positivity with you. 

Lynette coincides her 7-minute me time with her cup coffee. Like many of us, Lynette looks forward to that first sip, but perhaps unlike many of us, she’s not rushing through it while simultaneously getting ready. Whenever possible, Lynette her morning coffee as “me time’ - often alone and on her back deck whenever possible. She reflects on the previous night, sets intentions for the day ahead, and accesses a bigger part of herself all the while. Coffee may be a longtime symbol of mornings, but Lynette makes sure it energizes her mood and  just as much as it does her body.



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