How To Find Your Signature Fragrance

How To Find Your Signature Fragrance

Roll-on perfume oil

Ever walked into a department store with the intention of finding a new fragrance? It can be overwhelming to say the least. You can end up confusing your senses, if you try too many. This is especially true when the fragrances are similar in character.

One to Three Only

To avoid this, we recommend testing no more than three at one time. Although the most effective way is to test one fragrance at a time for a day, maybe even two, then trying another fragrance for a day or two and so forth.

In this way, you really experience the top notes and then the lingering underlying notes throughout the day. How something smells in the morning can be different after it’s mixed with the oils from your skin.

Sampler Set

This kind of testing is difficult to do with department store testers. We recommend bringing samples home and using them as described above. To help you with this, we have created our Pulse Point Oil Fragrance Sampler Set. Each set contains 5 – 1ml roll-on fragrance oils, one of each of our signature fragrances (Chill, Vacation, Escape, Flirt and Play)

Take your time and experiment with the five fragrances. Soon enough you’ll discover your very own signature fragrance. Once you do, we have some helpful hints on how to make your fragrance last all day.

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