How to Layer Your Fragrances

How to Layer Your Fragrances

We layer clothes for comfort and for a great look. We layer our hair to achieve various shapes and, well, for a great look. Doesn’t it make sense that we should also layer our fragrances to look and feel great?

It turns out that this is quite trendy and stylish and the best way to make your fragrance last all day. To help you develop your own long lasting signature fragrance here are 4 tips for layering your fragrances.

Family-Ties are a Good Thing

First of all, it’s probably not a good idea to go spray happy with all the fragrances on your shelf. You’re likely to keep distant relatives distant. Family-ties, it turns out, really are a good thing. We recommend combining scents from the same scent family.

However, there are a few scents that seem to play well with all family members. They are the bridges that make families work and scent layering a truly successful experience. Citrus, musk, rose and vanilla scents are considered “safe” notes. This makes these notes the most versatile notes to play with in all your layering experiences and will surely make for the best scent combinations.

Maybe Not So New

Any time you’ve bought a body wash and lotion of the same scent, you’ve experienced scent layering. So maybe this isn’t so new after all and brings us to our first layer. The shower is where it all starts. Scented bath & body washes are your foundation or base.

Lasting Power

Perfume molecules like to adhere to the natural oils in our skin. So to keep them from being absorbed into the skin directly and to increase their staying power, it’s best to apply to moisturized skin. Using a scented lotion different from your body wash can add your next scented layer. 

Have Fun

Clearly, we are familiar with the traditional points of perfume application: neck and wrist. Here is where we think of spraying on our favorite scent. With the other two layers as the foundation you can adjust your fragrance ever so slightly for your own signature scent.

Add Variety

Throughout the day adding pulse point roll-on can also add to the mood enhancing experience or freshen it up what you do have going on.

Since fragrance is so unique and can smell different from person to person, it’s a great way to express your own unique style. If you like this idea of layering your scents, we suggest you experiment before committing. Consider buying sample sizes to experiment with different layering combinations. Happy layering!

And if you need help in finding a new fragrance, we have some helpful tips for that, too.

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