Women Founders Rock  | Katya Sidelnik, InnerJasmine Yoga & Wellness Studio #WOMENROCK

Women Founders Rock | Katya Sidelnik, InnerJasmine Yoga & Wellness Studio #WOMENROCK

Women Founders Rock series continues with InnerJasmine Yoga & Wellness Studio's Owner & Teacher, Katya Sidelnik. As a student of yoga for 16 years, she began falling in love with practice after an injury ended her dance career. Her time on the mat started as a journey for physical exercise and evolved into a daily practice that healed her physically and mentally. 

Katya tells us how she has been impacted by the powerful women in her life.

Katya Sidelnik | Owner, InnerJasmine Yoga & Wellness Studio

Tell us something impactful about being a female founder?

One of the most impactful things about being a female founder is that you have this amazing opportunity to inspire young girls and other women to create their own dreams.

Tell us why you are devoted to helping women through your business? 

I was fortunate to have some incredible women in my life growing. So many times when I felt certain situations had gotten the best of me and I did not believe I had the strength or knowledge to keep going. My mom, my grandmother, a teacher, my godmother, a mentor and so many others stood beside me, held my hand and told me everything was going to OK. Not everyone is as fortunate. My hope is to be able to be to others what I was so fortunate to receive.

Talk to us about working with women and why supporting women is so important?

In today's time the roles of women are so vast, as are the expectations and judgments from the outside world.  I feel it is very important to remind women that they have the power to decide their roles, they have the power to release external and internal expectations as well as move past ant and all judgments.  Women can all support each other in this new journey of exploration and redefinition of what it means to be a woman, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a entrepreneur. 

How do you/does your organization support working women? 

As a studio, there are evening and weekend opportunities for classes, specialty events and privates. Workshops are scheduled to educate, inspire and create connections. As well as the teacher training schedule is designed to allow all students participation without taking them away from their families and other responsibilities, it is a 12-month program. Even more so, InnerJasmine hosts other entrepreneurial women by providing them a space to cultivate and grow their own individual brands. I truly believe when we work together, we inspire each other and everything is possible.

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