Women Founders Rock | Evie Phillips, Creeds Collective & Hello Tunnel #WOMENROCK

Women Founders Rock | Evie Phillips, Creeds Collective & Hello Tunnel #WOMENROCK

Our next Women Founders Rock series features Evie Phillips, the Founder and CEO of Creeds Collective and Hello Tunnel. As a serial entrepreneur, consultant and now Founder and CEO this boss babe as been busy building an empire. Her expertise in branding, digital marketing, corporate social responsibility, and social impact has lead her to create a full-service digital branding and social influence tech company.

Learn about Evie and how she finds it important for her to be an example for the younger generations.

Evie Phillips | Creeds Collective & Hello Tunnel, Founder and Creative Director

Tell us something impactful about being a female founder?

Being able to pour into other women and girls that have dreams in their hearts just as I have had. Encouraging them to pursue and push through. I have not worked this hard to hoard all my knowledge so when the opportunity presents itself being a mentor and advisor is one of my biggest rewards.

Tell us why you are devoted to helping women through your business?

Honestly, my heart has always been to serve humans in general. I was bullied a lot by fellow girls in my younger years and I know that women and girls still have those issues majorly today and not just in their personal lives, but in their professional lives, whether with other females or with men.

I think what makes me so blessed to devote my work to build up other females is that there is a passion that women possess that tends to be at the forefront of what they are building and doing in life. And yet we are still emotional beings and we have insecurities that have to be overcome on a regular basis. When we stick together, are blatant about what we need and ask for it, when we encourage each other and are transparent about our struggles it flips the script and we are able to accomplish far more together than apart.

Talk to use about working with women and why supporting women is so important?

If we don't do it for each other if we aren't an example to the generations coming up behind us then who will be?! There has been so much crap and cattiness that happens amongst women and I think FINALLY we are getting to a point where we have witnessed that we are better together. I want to be the woman that sets examples and tells these younger girls to play nice in life and biz with other women, don't criticize one another, come to one another in love, and stop speaking (or searching on IG) to fuel your insecurities over your life and business. Buck up and KEEP IT MOVING and realize we need each other. Because when we support each other the possibilities are endless.

How do you/does your organization support working women?

Literally, 95% of our clients are either women-founded businesses, have a woman as a co-founder or key decision maker that is our contact. I didn't do this on purpose it has just been a running core market and theme in our agency. It sounds pretty basic, but we can relate to each other, period (no pun intended LOL).

Additionally, 90% of our employees are women from all ethnic backgrounds, for me that's always going to be the focus as we scale, especially women of color. Granted we have a bit of testosterone in there to keep things balanced, but I want to continue to contest with societal norms, provide opportunities to women that I see leadership qualities in and build that up in them. It's our time to take our seats at the table. I make sure that my ladies know that whether they work with Creeds Collective and Hello Tunnel forever or they go off and start their own thing, they got this, they are equipped, let's go!

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