It’s a Whole Month of New

It’s a Whole Month of New

Budding trees and singing birds are a reminder that change is a natural part of living — and that change is occurring around us all the time, whether we notice it or not.

That’s why here at Lifetherapy HQ, we’re embracing a whole month of new. Look out for a new look, new products, and new ways to engage with the brand. We’re also figuring out ways to consciously add little touches of NEW to our everyday lives. Because while new can mean big changes — new jobs, new relationships, new beginnings — they can also be small tweaks that shift your perspective and mindset.

This month, challenge yourself to find the new — even in your same-old routine. These can include:

Downloading and exploring a new app (yup, it’s finally time to give TikTok a try)

Sleeping on the other side of the bed or sitting on another part of the couch

Switching up the way you walk your dog or take a run

Watching a brand new series 

Calling a friend instead of just texting them

Trying a new workout

Trying a new way to self-care. Take a bath if you’re normally a shower person; meditate if you usually calm down by cardio.

Share what you’ve learned and discovered @lifetherapyofficial, where we’ll also be sharing the new with you!

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