Slow Beauty is a Gamechanger for Our Mood

Slow Beauty is a Gamechanger for Our Mood

Too often, getting ready is just one more to-do on your list. But what if you approached the process — even if all you have time for is a seven-minute shower — with precision, care, and self-indulgence? That’s the concept behind slow beauty, a term popularized by Byrdie. Slow beauty is equivalent to the slow food movement — finding companies that sustainably and ethically produce products, and taking the time to get to know a brand, enjoy their products, and experience responsible indulgence.

Slow beauty isn’t an action. It’s a mindset. Whether you have seven minutes or an entire afternoon, slow beauty asks that you pay attention, beginning from the very first time you put an item in your cart. Slow beauty is about appreciating what you have with all your senses. It’s about tuning into the feel of lotion on your skin, smelling the mix of fragrance in your shower gel, and enjoying the aesthetic appeal of your products lined up in your shower. It’s indulging in the everyday to elevate routine experiences so that they become memorable.

Lifetherapy has embodied slow beauty from day one. We believe in transparency, sustainability, and the power of self-care to build a better life. We are continuing to lean into slow beauty as we grow our community and invite conversation and connection. 

Join us on Instagram as we lean into slow beauty in all its forms. From taking a moment to relax to learning how we ethically source products, we encourage you to take it slow with us. 

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