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Lynette's Reads from Around the Web

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Lynette's Reads from Around the Web
Lifetherapy founder, Lynette Lovelace, has long been hailed as an expert curator: of products, gifts, gestures, and experiences. Don't believe us? Just ask Oprah, or listen to Lynette speak about herself. In honor of thoughtful editing, we took a cue from Lynette's keen ability to collect, select and present what brings people positivity and joy. This week, Seven Minutes comes in the form of a curated reading list to inspire you in the here and now.
Since Covid has most of us at home, with a growing dependency on the Internet to connect with others (and even ourselves), we're excited to share some of the most thought-provoking reads Lynette has come across on the web recently. After all, if your screen time is going up, you might as well make the content coming in worthwhile. So stop scrolling--and start engaging--with these beautiful think pieces and long reads: 
  1. Scott Kelly, the astronaut who holds the record for time alone on the international space station, talks to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about working in isolation here
  2. Alaa Hijazia trauma psychologist, provides a counter-point on "motivational pressure" during time of quarantine here
  3. Gabrielle Hamilton, an NYC chef, ponders what the shuttering of her small restaurant  means in the greater scheme of things here
  4. Nothing conjures up feelings of escapism quite like reading about the Royal Family. A nice reprieve from Harry- and Megan- news can be found in the telling of the remarkable story of Princess Anne here.
  5. And for fun...just try to stop smiling after reading about a chance encounter between a USPS worker and camera on TikTok here.
Oh, and if you're looking for some mood-affirming back up, you can always get lost in our Seven Minute archives here (and maybe learn a bit more about Lynette, while you're there.)

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