{Self-Service} Take a Bath

{Self-Service} Take a Bath

At Lifetherapy, we’re big on baths. But we can’t help but notice easily they are taken for granted. Have you ever stopped to think about how lucky you are to have the option of a warm bath at night? 

Showers serve a certain purpose, but the mind-body benefits of bathing go far deeper. And you don’t need too much to feel the benefits. Here’s how:

Start with the Water…

Warm water holds remarkable healing powers and is amazingly therapeutic: it can relieve muscle pain, promote relaxation and soothe skin. The optimum water temperature for bathing is about 100, just a few degrees above our body temperature. Fill the tub so the water covers your entire body. Before entering, close the door to the bathroom – or the shower/bath curtain at the very least – to prolong the warmth of the water. 

Then Ignite the Senses…

Don’t deal with devices when in the tub – not just for safety reasons but for the explicit purpose of unplugging. If you prefer to read, prepare in advance with a magazine or newspaper that you don’t mind getting wet. We find however that it’s best to engage senses other than sight during a bath. We’d go so far as to recommend an eye mask for the occasion. Listen to playlist or audiobook, touch the water by fully immersing your hands, and smell a clean, luxurious bath product (we know the perfect one) or scented candle (we’ve got you covered there too)

Give your body time to relax. Soak for 15 to 30 minutes, adding hot water as needed to maintain the temperature. 

Lastly, Extend the Effects

Have something oversized to wrap yourself in afterward to keep warm. Drink a large glass of water to rehydrate. 

So, what’s this week’s task? Spend Seven Minutes preparing your ideal bath. Start with what you have: the products for your body, the audio you’ll listen to, the towel or robe you want to end with. Jump online for a very specific and deliberate shop of little extras you’d (Lifetherapy really does have it all, from bath bubbles to eye masks) but limit yourself to two sites to order whatever indulgences you want to add. Finally - block out your bath time on your calendar, take the time as seriously as you would any other commitments. 

Because a bath is a date, a meeting, an appointment with yourself. Schedule it for your mind, your body and your mood. Because really, there’s nothing more important on the calendar than taking care of you.



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