Nurture Yourself. Nurture Others. Nurture the World. Start Here

Nurture Yourself. Nurture Others. Nurture the World. Start Here

This past year has been all about nurturing. We have all had to dig deep and find the strength to support ourselves and support each other. That’s why, this Mother’s Day, we’re taking a more expansive view of mothering. And we’re beginning with how we mother ourselves. 

Here’s why: It’s only when we can nurture, support, and love ourselves that we can expand that care to other people. And it’s always going to be a work in progress. But when you commit to showing up for yourself, it creates a ripple effect where you then have the capacity to show up for other people, too.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, of course book the brunch reservations and buy the flowers and whatever else you want to do to honor the special woman in your life. But this year, try something different. Make space for yourself, too. Because you’ve nurtured and shown up for your soul in an incredibly trying year. You may still feel exhausted. But you’ve shown up. And that’s worthy of carving out space to continue to do so.

Because when you celebrate yourself, you find the space to celebrate others, too.


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