Celebrate with Lifetherapy!

Celebrate with Lifetherapy!

Summer is the season of celebrations. There are the official celebrations on the calendar, and then there are the unscripted moments surrounded by friends and family where laughter and conversation dominate the day.

And after a year of confusion and upheaval, celebrations may feel all the more sweet. And that’s why this summer, we’re celebrating the little things: The smell of freshly mown grass. The little-kid feeling of talking and laughing with friends hours after the sun sets. The early morning quiet when you’re the first one awake with your cup of coffee.

This Seven Minutes in the Morning, we encourage you to celebrate the tiny things that make up your big life: Reach out to a friend with a ‘I love you’ text. Savor your AM coffee. Take a few moments and walk outside, feeling the grass under your feet. Have cake for breakfast. Blast your fave song as loud as you can during your commute. In short, savor every second! 

Because fireworks and parades are always fun, but it’s the small moments that add up to a big, rich, beautiful life. Follow us @lifetherapyofficial on Instagram and share your tiny celebrations with us! 

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