Day 3: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016

Day 3: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016


Day 3

So far, our simple ways to empower women have included:

  1. Make a decision to be a source of hope
  2. Mentor and support other women

Share Your Experiences

Our third idea is to heal yourself and share part of your story. By now you know we at Lifetherapy are far from perfect. We tend to have perfectionist ideals… and yes, we fail at them all the time. Even in that, we understand the push-pull with excellence.

Striving to be the best, provide the best, create the best is just part of our DNA. But being the best in all categories... all the time... everyday is hardly attainable and can challenge our mood. Grrr! Where is the balance between dedication and doomed to fail perfectionism? The constant struggle is something we understand.

We’ve heard from many of you and know you face this, too. It’s important we recognize the humanness in this universal dilemma and share with you from time to time our own shortcomings with this. You are not alone in this or whatever else your challenge is.

As women, we can empower others to own their own journey, normalize some of these seemingly isolating challenges and grow together. Look for ways to share a part of your story with someone who needs to know she’s not alone. Help her realize we are all locked arm-in-arm in this life. We think the world of you!

P.S. choose your MOOD!

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