Day 4: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016

Day 4: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016


Day 4

Here’s our recap of simple way to empower women:

  1. Make a decision to be a source of hope
  2. Mentor and support other women
  3. Heal yourself and share your experiences

Increase Your Understanding

Today we get into something a little more active. Our fourth way to empower women is to expand your knowledge and connect with like-minded women. Countless organizations exist to help with job skills and career management in every conceivable industry, as well as support mentoring.

SheSays is just one example of an award-winning organization running free a mentoring program and sponsors events to women in the creative and marketing businesses.

Here in our very own Chicago, SheSays Chicago is offering an insightful panel discussion on Tuesday March 8 at Frequency 540 on how to achieve gender parity, create inclusive communities and eliminate workplace bias.. To learn more and buy tickets, click here.

Obviously, not all of you live in Chicago. If you’re interested in finding an event in your area, check out IWD.

The bottom line is to keep growing. Add to your own development and then bring others along. Maybe that’s taking a community college course and inviting a friend to join you. What are some other ways you might expand your own understanding of the world around you?

P.S. choose your MOOD!

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