Day 2: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016

Day 2: Lifetherapy Celebrates Women in March 2016


Day 2

We hope you walked a little taller yesterday with all the other women in your life. As we renew our commitment to the sisterhood of women, we all benefit. Awareness is the precursor to any real shift in our collective thinking. So, thank you for being part of empowering women!

Mentor and Be Helpful

Another simple idea is to mentor women in your workplace, other moms in your neighborhood or girls in your community. This is a way to โ€œpay it forward.โ€ The beauty of this kind of relationship is that you donโ€™t have to have it all figured out to be of service.

Much of the time, women simply need to bounce ideas with someone else. Listening can be invaluable for the woman who feels overwhelmed and just needs to hear herself talk. How many times have you been talking to a friend and heard yourself say something that seemed so clear as you said it, when in your head it seemed so muddy.

Or maybe youโ€™ve had the exact opposite experience. Maybe you heard yourself say something insanely wrong that sounded so logical in your head. When you offer to listen, you provide another woman companionship and a gentle sounding board.

The other benefit of mentoring is you can offer another perspective, maybe even solution. You can help another woman see things she may be missing. Your experience allows her to have the benefit of your previous mistakes.

Whether you are talking about climbing the corporate ladder with a colleague, mothering experiences with fellow moms, or been there done that with young minds, you are supporting and empowering women. And we love you for doing it!!

P.S. choose your MOOD!

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