Limited Edition Grounded Ombré Candle

$ 54.00

Introducing our newest limited-edition candle, our best-selling fragrance, nestled in an anchoring gunmetal grey ombre vessel.

This ombre vessel adds an extra layer of allure, with its mesmerizing transition from deep earthy tones to delicate hues reminiscent of a sunset sky. Each time you light this candle, watch as the flame dances across the gradient, casting a soft, soothing glow that fills the room with warmth and tranquility. Whether you're seeking a moment of solace at the end of a busy day or simply craving a touch of natural beauty in your space, let our limited-edition grounded fragrance candle be your guiding light to inner peace and balance.

  • 11 OZ.


I am grounded, centered and at peace.
I trust that I am eternally safe.
From this place I can create anything.

Fresh Citrus | Heliotrope | Dry Amber | Calming Rose | Vanilla

With your soul rooted firmly in your purpose, breathe in the harmonious and stabilizing nature of amber and vanilla, and be uplifted by the earthy and harmonizing qualities of rose. Let yourself be comforted, balanced and calmed by the soothing accord of heliotrope, and fresh citrus.