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A Note from Lifetherapy Creator, Lynette Lovelace

Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy creator

Reset your self care routine

In many ways, Lifetherapy is a self compassion brand. Caring for yourself as you would a good friend can transform your life. 

The reason I know self compassion works is because lifetherapy was born out of a moment of self compassion that changed my life. At the time, my then 2 year old was lying in a hospital bed fighting for his life. I hadn't left his bedside for several days. Our pediatrician literally forced me out of the hospital for a few hours and my friend met me at our home and prepared me a meal and demanded a nice hot bath. Literally I was transformed in this moment of care for my own soul. It really works. It’s our mindset that truly matters in our approach to things. These moments are our own choices that we are 100% responsible for. Hence the tag line of my company became #chooseyourmood.

Using fragrance to further the messaging of self care was simply the science of fragrance and its effects on us as it  proves that when we smell something we FEEL SOMETHING. Fragrance moves us.