Women Founders Rock | Catherine Scott, Honest Hazel #WOMENROCK

Women Founders Rock | Catherine Scott, Honest Hazel #WOMENROCK

Our Women Founders Rock series continues with the Creator and Founder of Honest Hazel, Catherine Scott. Honest Hazel eye gels were developed after she searched for a much-needed product to reduce the signs of a “stressed-out, sleep-deprived, maxed-out, working-mommy.” She discovered and developed eye gels that smooth wrinkles, fine lines, brightens dark circles, reduces puffiness while hydrating the delicate under-eye skin. An instantly revitalizing under-eye treatment that is simple yet significant.

Collaboration is key, Catherine tells us how important community is for a founder.

Catherine Scott | Creator + Founder, Honest Hazel

Tell us something impactful about being a female founder?

Being a female founder has been so impactful on my life, but more importantly in the lives of others. I've had complete strangers reach out to me to share that because of my story they created their own company, these are the best stories!

Tell us why you are devoted to helping women through your business?

It can be lonely as a solo entrepreneur and even more so as a female founder. I'm here not just to grow a company, but to build up other brands, other founders and leave a mark. I had influential women founders throughout my life, I am forever grateful for those ladies who shaped me. It's my turn to give back and help others build brands.

Talk to use about working with women and why supporting women is so important?

Collaboration is key, mind mapping with another females outside of your personal brand can bring so much perception & depth that you may have missed before. Community is EVERYTHING in building a company, and I'm happy to sit at a table among very strong women with impact & reach. I want the stats to change, more women should be leading companies, in congress and changing the world!

How do you/does your organization support working women?

We are a part of a few mentoring groups & community groups where we give back with tools, education and connections. We believe that this helps level the playing field, offering where we can help others is in our brand DNA.

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