Why Choose Scented Candles?

Why Choose Scented Candles?

Scent is a well-known mood booster.  Each of our scented candles not only helps you choose your mood, but enhances it.

We are firm believers in the therapeutic benefits of our aromachology-designed fragrances. Out of all of our senses, scent is the most closely tied to memory. Each of our candles can not only help you choose your mood, but enhance it.

Discover a range of scent profiles and learn more about the advantages of aroma-based self-care. Explore the benefits of candle collections in six aromas that range from floral, earthy , and exotic, and choose how you want to  show up for your day.

Improved Sleep

Take a break from the daily grind. Everyday stress & anxiety can affect your sleep patterns and leave you feeling unrested. Burning a scented candle that you love before sleep can relax the mind. We recommend calming Rose as it uplifts mood, soothes anxiety, and diminishes feelings of depression. It will create a space of harmony. Our favorite candle for feeling calm is our most popular Grounded Soy Candle.

Stress Relief

One of the main benefits of scented candles is stress relief. Breathing in the healing  essential oils in our candles positively affects our hormones, which in turn help to ease anxiety and worries.

Our favorite stress relief candle is from our Energized collection. The top note in this fragrance is Jasmine, which helps evoke the senses of relaxation and happiness. A must-have for an instant uplift. 

When deciding on your next fragrance candle, ask yourself, how do I want to feel at this very moment? Do you need a little help relaxing and relieving stress? Or do you need to re-energise and refresh? Whatever it may be, our selection of carefully considered scented blends are handpicked and crafted to best suit your needs.

Author: Izzy Sadiq

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