Transformation Tuesday with Vanessa Jasper

Transformation Tuesday with Vanessa Jasper

Going through a life-changing liver transplant, Vanessa Jasper was inspired not only to switch professions, but transition her whole mind, body and soul. Discover her transformation journey. 

What type of transformation have I been through?

Being a liver transplant recipient has taught me that life is short and finite. I have been gifted a second chance to live my purpose, to serve, and love. With that said.... the passion of being a hairstylist was born in me as a child. Doing hair is something I’ve loved, and has supported me through life- financially since the age of 19. I’ve made many lasting relationships, and my business partner is my best friend of 23 years.

When yoga entered my life post-liver transplant, it changed me. It brought healing to my body, mind, and soul. It birthed a NEW passion within me. The desire to become a yoga teacher burned deep inside, more and more as my personal practice grew. After battling internally with this potential career shift, I finally decided to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training! June 2018, I began my schooling at SWIHA, the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. I am an 800 HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training student, in pursuit of being a Yoga Therapist. Being in the middle of the process of this transition from hairstylist to full time yoga teacher has its difficulties, fears and doubts! But on the other side of that fear is infinite potential. Each day I am closer to whatever God & life unfolds for me helping people through the gift of yoga.

What ignited the push for your transform?

I believe my yoga journey is what ultimately brought forth the transformation. It peeled back the layers of me until my self expression began to emerge. Yoga became an integral part of my life pushing me beyond anything I could’ve ever thought possible, and now I want to teach and share all of its healing benefits, just as it has helped bring healing to me after receiving a liver transplant. I want people to feel good in their own bodies, and in themselves, as themselves. Loving and embracing it all!!

What were or are the biggest challenges of this transformation?

Trusting that it’s the right choice. Resisting that I’m on the right path. Although, I know I am.

What are the biggest rewards to have sufficed from this transformation?

Helping people on their journey is the most rewarding, but also the freedom and empowerment I feel inside from taking a leap of faith to follow my dreams!

What advice would u give someone contemplating a major life shift?

It won’t be easy, but do it anyway!! Easy is comfortable and safe, but aliveness is only felt in the discomfort. Joy and excitement for life is experienced when we face our fears. Be brave!

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