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Transformation Tuesday featuring Anahi Aguirre

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Transformation Tuesday featuring Anahi Aguirre

After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease last year Anahi was forced to take control of her health and well-being. Discover her journey of transformation.

Tell us what type of transformation you have been through.

I am currently going through a health and body transformation.

What ignited the push for your transformation?

I was diagnosed with Crohn's in late 2018, and although my case is currently a mild form of this autoimmune disease, I felt I needed to take control. Not to mention, my need for weight loss was long overdue. These two factors are what ignited my push for transformation.

What were or are the biggest challenges of this transformation?  

One of the biggest challenges of this transformation was initially the fatigue. When your body is no longer taking in all the sugar and caffeine, and is getting rid of toxins, you can have some days where fatigue kicks in. However, the reward is so worth it.

What are the biggest rewards to have surfaced from this transformation?

One of the biggest rewards that I have had is a major boost in energy. It is much easier to handle the day-to-day tasks. I no longer deal with the brain fog and sluggish feelings I dealt with prior to my transformation. The inflammation in my body has also significantly gone down. One other surprising reward that has surfaced from my transformation is the pride from my husband and son who see that I am crushing it.

What advice would you give someone contemplating a major life change?  

DO IT! All the information you see out there about consistency is so true. I follow people like Joanne Incarnation, Melissa Alcantara, and Whitney Simmons on IG. I feel they are a huge inspiration. Although, my body is not where I would like it to be, like these bad babes, I look to what they preach regarding consistency and pushing for it. I would say to also manifest it. Writing down what you want for yourself, the pros versus cons, and the reasons why you want this for yourself will manifest.  I have prayed and contemplated over a weight loss for so long, and when I received the news about my Crohn's diagnosis I knew it was time to transform. Staying positive and motivating yourself in a time of difficult has made this transformation possible for me.

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