Self-care, Redefined

Self-care, Redefined

Previously, we discussed self-care in the context of its sister-feeling, self-love. But self-care is a topic worth revisiting, especially in January, when every brand and blog is relentless in the reminder that we need to care for ourselves. 

And the recommendations are often the same: Eat real food! Get rest! Listen to your body! Indeed, the most lighthearted take—treat yo’ self! —appears in posts, tweets and captions across feeds. 

But we at lifetherapy would like to redefine self-care, by adding to it. We believe:  

Self-care is doing something for yourself even when time does not allow

Self-care is allowing others to do something for you.

Self-care is undoing a yes when you begin to feel resentful

Self-care is a definition that is specific to you. It is made more meaningful when held in a sacred space within yourself. Also: self-care does not need to be shared on social as proof that it has occurred. 

For Seven Minutes this morning, take a widely-accepted definition of self-care, and redefine it for yourself. If that Instagram influencer professes travel as her form of self-care, consider if spending more time at home is more appropriate for you. If your girlfriend extolls the benefits of a soaking in a bath, consider if a book and glass of wine, in bed, is more your style. 

Self-care is delivering on to yourself what you need. It’s as personal a determination as fragrance or style—another way to express ourselves in a way that benefits us and us alone. 



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