On Gratitude

On Gratitude

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

For most of us, finding peace in today’s world seems impossible. News, emails, to-do lists, and notifications follow us everywhere. And we don’t make it easy on ourselves: we over-schedule, over-promise, over-analyze, over-whelm.
And while we don’t profess to have the silver bullet for managing stress, we do know that the answer lies somewhere on a continuum of easing up and staying motivated. And the guiding principle to follow is gratefulness, which can reveal itself on multiple points up and down that line. 
Gratefulness, or gratitude—whichever moniker speaks to you more—is what feeds our inner selves first, and then flows out into our schedules, our relationships, and our lives. Gratefulness has powers both small and large, a power source for a single person and in group-work. When things seem frantic or out of control, simple reminders of what we have to be grateful for can powerfully ground us when all else feels like chaos. 
When we rely on external circumstances to dictate our path, we can’t trust that they will see us through adversity. Rather, being purposeful in counting that which we can be grateful for connects us to an unstoppable force that is freeing. It allows us to assign meaning and appreciation for what we do have. 
Seven Minutes in the Morning is not nearly enough time for gratitude work. But it’s a digestible amount and much progress can be attained by allotting ourselves that much time to focus on using gratefulness as a source for positive energy and direction. 
So this week, make a commitment to gratitude. Make the objects you own, relationships you have, and life you live personally meaningful. As individuals, families, and societies alike, we will be concurrently calmer and more determined by inserting gratitude in to the creation of our own day to feel a deeper motivation as we move through each part of it. 

🖤- Lifetherapy

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