The Last 90 days - Let's do this!

The Last 90 days - Let's do this!

“We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges” - Unknown

You may remember that back in June, we started our Blog Series, 7 minutes in the morning. I asked you to join me in taking an intentional pause each morning to focus on the day ahead. How we start our mornings really does set the tone for the day. As we began this series, every week we talked in the office about how this intention made us feel. Lifetherapy was born out of an intention to connect our minds with our choices and we used beautifully scented body care as a daily touching point with women as we go through our daily routine of getting ready each day. Scent makes us FEEL - it’s scientifically proven that scent connects with our mind and memories and what better way to start the day than with a little self care where fragrance initiates mood. 

Fast forward to mid July - I, along with 8,000 other women attended the RISE conference in Dallas hosted by the one and only Rachel Hollis. In case you haven’t heard of her, I suggest you pay attention - because she has single handedly changed the lives of each of the 8.000 in the room, and I’d go as far to say that I am certain that every other woman that attended a RISE conference in a different state would say the same thing. Now we are talking 10’s of thousands. The sense of community was chilling. 

One of the practices that she teaches is the act of daily gratitude and goal setting. We learned about journaling in such a way that it becomes as natural as taking a breath each morning. Trust me because I have added this to my daily routine. I can’t go into all the details, so go grab her books and you’ll surely be joining our “club” - this I am certain! The “start today” journal alone will change your life. 

But today, I am here to talk about yet another commitment that she has the world up in arms about - “The Last 90 Days” - now this my friends, is a game changer. The intention here is to flip flop our energy from what we are used to. Meaning we all know the world “challenges” themselves the 1st of the year. We make promises, and goals, set intentions and words to begin the year. More often than not, we fall off mid year and then wait for a “new beginning” in January. Well, Rachel is here to change all this, and let me tell you friends I am ALL IN!! 

Starting October 1st, I’d LOVE you to join us over at Lifetherapy for a very intentional end to the year. It’s no secret my beliefs in positivity, I have built a brand around the very notion that if we all tap into our inner powers, and understand the gift of CHOICE - we will indeed meet change head on. You have absolute power to Choose Your Mood. I have purchased my journal and am armed and ready to see where Rachel is taking us as we end this year more powerful and intentionally than we began -- I LOVE the idea of starting 2020 feeling stronger than ever versus at a point of weakness that needs change. Take control of that one life your given friends, and join me TODAY for The Last 90 days! 

Follow along, write me personally if you want -, I am here to be a cheerleader for each and everyone of you because this woman is changing lives and it’s because she’s reminded each and every one of us that WE have the power. We can all do this and be stronger for it. Grab a girlfriend, or a group of them and let’s fight for the last 90-- you can do this during your 7 minutes in the morning time slot- I am happy to share my time with you and Rachel!! - We are all in this together. Oh, and you better believe that I’ll have a tub full of bubble bath many mornings along the way #chooseyourmood 

xx- Lynette 

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