Meet Alice

Meet Alice

If you – like us – find yourself looking for new, exciting content to check out as our screen time goes ever-up during quarantine, we found a great new medium perfect for the Lifetherapy lifestyle. 

It’s called Alice Magazine and you can find it here. It’s home, fashion, music, and (of course) beauty coverage with a refreshing dose of surreality – that is, imagination. At Alice, you can get lost in original photography and posts that explore ideas for the psyche, senses and soul.

It’s not unlike Lifetherapy, which delivers multi-sensory experiences to engage the whole person. And to celebrate our aligned approach, Alice recently featured Lifetherapy and our north star – Choose Your Mood – through the eyes of some major influencers. Check out Lifetherapy on Alice Magazine here to gain inspiration from women making real moves in arts, advocacy and environmentalism. Some of the great insights you’ll find include: 

Jessy Schram, from NBC’S Chicago Med and Hallmark’s Country at Heart extolling on the importance of the ‘be here, be now’ mindset

Elodi Guillaume, a Black Lives Matter advocate, artist and dancer, talking about transformation

Shayne Hindes, an author and model, talking about personal evolution outside of her native New York City

Nicolette S. Templier, Miss Earth USA 2019, listing go-green initiatives that we can all get behind

Kate Flannery, Actress from The Office, talking about balance and optimism during times of uncertainty.

Special for Seven Minutes readers, we’d like to invite you to share the same sentiments as those profiled in Alice Magazine. Use this download to tell us about yourself: What are your recent projects? What’s your mood? Tell Us! Fill out the watercolor template, post it to IG and tag @LifetherapyOfficial and @Alice_Magazine. 

We’ll repost all filled-out forms on our Stories. Because we believe that every woman is an influencer, always with something to teach, and that wisdom begets wisdom. We can’t wait to share yours with our forged community of surrealist thinkers.


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