Making Meaning

Making Meaning

Creating meaning is not easy. But really, does anything valuable come without effort?

Creating meaning is a process: the result of putting in time, and having presence of mind doing the things you often don’t want to do. Meaning isn’t something to get—it’s something to do. The intention, the doing, the trying...that is how meaning is made. 

Infusing meaning in to daily chores and tasks can make them feel like less of a burden. When we’re stuck in traffic, waiting on line, or scrolling endlessly through social media, assign meaning to those moments. If you’re  feeling cranky, rushed, or indecisive, make a conscious choice to not identify with circumstantial off-moods or overwhelm. 

You can free yourself from the doings of the day by entering a different psychological and emotional space. Gratitude, positivity, and unplugging are all expressions of meaning. And meaning matters - it’s strengthens our connection with ourselves, grounds us and opens us up to others. Meaningful relationships, meaningful exchanges and meaningful time deliver connection and satisfaction that we would otherwise miss as we move through life.

For Seven Minutes in the Morning this week, think about your days ahead and identify the moments you expect to be frustrated by. Do you have to make a return at the mall, work late one night or drive a long distance somewhere? Make a conscious choice to have meaning right there with you. 

Discovering that meaning is always within reach is the equivalent to finding money in your pocket: surprisingly always there, just waiting to be discovered and put a smile on your face. But meaningful has value far beyond that of dollars and cents, it is a gift that does not have the limits of a numerical amount. Meaning is something that you have a limitless supply of, ready to dispense at any time.



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