Got Seven Minutes? Here’s How to Set 2021 Intentions

Got Seven Minutes? Here’s How to Set 2021 Intentions

You know the meme: It’s the one that tells us to creep in and not touch anything in 2021. The idea is that all of our big plans were cancelled hard in 2020 and maybe the best thing to do is slide quietly into 2021, not set up any plans, and not make any sort of resolutions.

And it makes sense. There’s something beautiful in going into the new year as a blank slate where literally anything can unfold. But there’s also something to be said for intentions.

Intentions aren’t resolutions. They’re not expectations. And intentions can thrive during lockdown. During uncertainty. During confusion. 

So how do you set an intention? Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. And instead of focusing on what you imagine your life looking like in 2021, imagine how you want your life to feel. 

  1. Send love outward. Imagine yourself surrounded by all the people who gave you love this year. This could be people you saw every day, like your partner or your kids. But it can also be the people you didn’t see — the nice social media commenter; your mail delivery person. Imagine all of them circling you with love. Then send that love outward
  2. Give thanks. We can fill a book with what went wrong this year, but what went right? Imagine writing in a book each of the things you’re thankful for in 2020. Once you’re done, see yourself closing the book in your mind’s eye. 
  3. Open the book to 2021. Visualize yourself opening a book to 2021. Really visualize it, including the color, texture, and size of the book. Take a deep breath. Imagine opening to the first blank page.
  4. “Write” a word. In your mind’s eye, pick up a pen. Write down a word. Don’t overthink it. Maybe it’s a word that’s commonly linked to visualization, like “calm.” Or maybe it’s not. Whatever word it is, write it down. Let the meaning soak into you. Close your book.
  5. Come back to your book. Whenever you have a quiet moment in the days ahead, come back and add words, thoughts, and inspiration to your book. Remember: This isn’t a book of doing. This is a book of feeling. It’s always open and available to you. 

And we’re here for you as you set your intentions for 2021. Find us on Instagram @lifetherapyofficial and share your mood lifters this month!

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