In Love With Love. Especially This Year

In Love With Love. Especially This Year

It’s the month of red and pink hearts and foil-wrapped chocolates. Ads for flowers, champagne, and lingerie are popping up everywhere on your social media feed. But all of that can leave us wanting more.

That’s because this year has tested so many of us and our relationships in more ways than we thought possible. It also allowed us to lean deep into what love really means. Sure, chocolate is great, but so is giving your second-to-last roll of paper towels to a neighbor in need. And that’s why, this Valentine’s Day season, we encourage you (and us!) to return to the roots of what love means — compassion and empathy for yourself, your partner, your family, and the world.

This year, we encourage you to start from the inside, out. Take Seven Minutes over coffee or wine and write a list of all the things you love about yourself. Create a compliment jar in a central place in the home and invite people to write compliments for every member of the family — including themselves — on paper and drop them in to share at the end of the month. Find someone outside your usual circle to love. That may be sending cards to a senior home, giving a gift to your mail carrier, or even just elevating your conversations with people you may pass to say, “hello,” “how are you?” and “thank you.”

Bottom line: The more you elevate love, the more you’ll feel it returned to you. Consider taking up a challenge to bring more love into your life, every single day. And yes, “love,” is sometimes a code for bubble bath.

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