The Origins of Lifetherapy

The Origins of Lifetherapy

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Today’s Seven Minutes brings you the second half of Lifetherapy’s origin story. You can catch up on part 1 here

The Origins of Lifetherapy
Part 2 of 2

After the initial shock wore off, Lynette was determined to find another way to continue the  journey of Lifetherapy.  Armed with books on how to write a business plan, she began. Her endless passion for products coupled with her love for creating ambiance would guide her. A plan for a line of private label products - fragrance, lotions, bubble bath and hand creme - was off and running.  

Lynette continued to passionately work on the development of the Lifetherapy products. With all that she had going on – this was such therapy for Lynette. 

She secured the trademark. 

She moved the products from idea to bottle.

She approached stores about retailing her products. 

She was steadfast and confident of what she wanted in this brand which, nearly 20 years later, remains true to this day. Here’s what she wrote:

Life is to be savored and appreciated. Ultimately one of the greatest powers we possess lies in the way we approach things. The pleasantries of fine products and fragrance certainly have the power of eliciting moods and memories.  Slowing down to see those nuances…the little details that make life richer…render us present to experience and grow.  

Which is, in summation, Lifetherapy. Lifetherapy was born out of circumstances of personal and global hardships, with the singular focus of producing positive moods and experiences for those who seek the same during trying times of trial and uncertainty. Such was the case for the world—and for Lynette—in September 2001, and such is the case now during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New ideas, new products, new services *will* be born out of this time. 

We can’t wait to read their origin story someday too.  



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