Choose Your Mood

Choose Your Mood

We say it all the time: Choose Your Mood. Moods are such a beautiful thing, and choosing your mood is the perfect balance of freedom and containment. When you recognize the power within you to choose your outlook, the phrase becomes a power source of living your best life.Β 

There are lots of examples of external objects that affect our inner worlds: Food. Places. People. However, one most often overlooked is intertwined with all of those, and that is fragrance.Β 

It’s rooted in science: Aromachology is the science of scent’s effect on our mood, stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance. And aromachology is the basis for Lifetherapy formulas.Β 

Using fragrance to further the messaging of self care was simply the science of fragrance and its effects on us as it proves that when we smell something we FEEL SOMETHING. Fragrance moves us. And, Fragrance affects you immediately.Β 

So, which feeling do you want to evoke? Which mood do you want to choose?

Jasmine - Impacts mood and promotes healing. Acts as an antidepressant and enhances spiritual connection.
Red Orange - Energizing and revitalizing. Refreshes the mind and clears the senses.
Marsh Grass - Fresh cut greens evokes feelings of happiness and relaxes the mind.

Heliotrope - This comforting flower creates balance and openness.
Dry Amber - Has calming effects and is able to combat stress and anxiety.
Calming Rose - Uplifts mood, soothes anxiety and feelings of depression. Creates a sense of harmony.

Gardenia - Strengthening, stimulating and uplifting.
Pineapple Leaf - Softening, nurturing and healing.
Sensuous Musk - Meditative, relaxing, inspires imagination.

Bergamot - Calms emotions, soothes, clarifies and cleanses
Water Flowers - Refreshes and awakens.
Coconut - Balances, Improves energy and clears the mind.
Muguet - Inspires openness, acceptance, and sensuousness
Rose - Relaxes, warms, and romances.Β 

Polynesian Coconut - Balances, Improves energy and clears the mind.
White Orchid - Stimulates, calms and clears.
Sandalwood - Creates mental clarity and relaxation. Stimulates spiritual awakening and boosts in memory.

We invite you to explore our products created through science + scent that create an emotional connection to the power of choice. This week, spend Seven Minutes in the Morning looking at the choices you have for the week ahead, and how you can use that power to connect your thoughts and actions to impart an immediate effect on your mood.



Lifetherapy choose your mood infographic | Aromachology

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