Choose Your Mood: The Power of Believing in Yourself by Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy

Lifetherapy Lynette Lovelace

By Lynette Lovelace, Lifetherapy

 When I was in college, a professor once said to me, “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”  I smile when I think about that phrase because I realize that no one in the world knows more truth about me, than me.   With that self-knowledge comes a double edged sword.  It means that I know all of my own secrets, including any fears or shortcomings, even the ones I believe I keep hidden from the rest of the world.

Knowing my failings, remembering my mistakes, and realizing that I will crash and burn occasionally despite my best efforts, creates a unique challenge to maintain belief in myself.  I have to tune out that voice in my head that challenges my every desire, wish and talent.

The power of believing in “me” is unmatched.  When I believe in myself I can achieve greatness by giving myself the chance. In life, if you believe that you can not do something you are often correct, because you never wholeheartedly try. Who wants to be right in that manner, negative self fulfilling prophecies? No thank you. Give it a try and you have a chance! Believing in yourself is a total win-win situation and you can’t lose.  You can only lose if you choose not to!

“Choose Your Mood”, is the philosophy behind Lynette Lovelace’s new lifestyle brand, Lifetherapy.   Lovelace created a line of luxury apothecary products inspired by the therapeutic powers of fragrance and mood.  Lovelace states her intentions naming her fragrances: Play, Vacation, Escape, Chill, and Flirt.  Products range from everyday hand crèmes, to pulse point oil roll-on perfumes, ultra rich body crèmes, hydrating body lotions and skin nourishing body scrubs. She reminds us that “mood is a choice, your feelings are contagious, and there has never been another you.”

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